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Cove Beer

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Cove Beer Can

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The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Heya! Looking good. Please adjust thumbnail so the eyebrow piecing is visible in it. Then we’re good to approve.


@grimey New thumbnail uploaded! :slight_smile:

Great cheers, approved!

Hey @grimey we just basically reuploaded a resaved version of the same file and pushed changes to see if that would fix that weird issue :slight_smile: Can you approve?

No prob. Re-approved!

So weird. Still doesn’t work correctly @grimey . No idea why

It literally blanks out the image within a face. i wonder if it is conflicting with some code in the hand or something. seems to line up with the middle finger. Is it just DCL’s way of flicking us off @grimey ? Maybe if I move the can a touch away from the hand?

@grimey Made some adjustments and pushed another change to see if it works. Last ditch effort. Please approve.

Just came back to this. Legendary