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CookyP2E - Primero

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Junior Chef

Deputy Chef

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Hi! Collection is missing in curation tab, can you push any small change?
I will review this collection.

This issues needs to be fixed:

skinning (weight painting):



inverted normals:

Hi @theankou ! :slight_smile:

I’m the designer who made his models, i will fix the bugs for him, you can now refer to me :wink:

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I’ve updated the collection with the fixed models provided by @NairuZa
One of the items, the RARE one, called Deputy Chef looks fine in the editor but when I try to test it in-world, I can’t see anything and some flickering is going on. @NairuZa said that it’s a bug from DCL’s end and not an error with the model.
Hence I’ve uploaded those models in the collection again, would be great if you could review them!

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey @NairuZa
Deputy sheff have issues with skeleton (this is not DCL issue, this is issue with skeleton bones / skeleton weights)

you can fix this issues if you will delete all bones with _end suffix

the rest issues seems to be fixed :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile:

As you can see in the file if you download it, there is no suffixes at the end of each bones, that is why it seems like a loading issue…

this can’t be loading issue technically, i recommend you to try redo weight painting

Nope the weight painting is good sir, in the Builder it is not buggy

@Sango can you tell him please?

hey @NairuZa builder =\ in-world (builder use engine babylon, while in-world use unity as far as i remember), if something doesnt work in-world, then it will not work on live server too.

I recommend you redo weight painting (especially apply all transforms and reassign armature modifier) and test wearable in-world, builder is just preview thingy, that doesnt work exactly the same way as in-world and have absolutely different code and settings for demonstrating models in browser. Some things that Babylon engine support, Unity engine do not support. For example, Babylon previewer supports preview of different alphas and many strange / complex materials, while in-world all this materials and shaders (except basic and default ones) will not work and will cause strange glitches

I can’t approve collection with bug, because this issue comes from model, and as i told this issue happens when something like transforms or armature modifier applied wrong (or bones with _end suffix), this is not engine bug.

Please, make sure that everything work fine in-world, thank you!

Okay i will check the transforms then, it might be that :wink:

@NairuZa this looks to be a different file to the one you sent me. i suggest you follow Theankou’s suggestions to get it resolved

They are fixed now…

Don’t know where it was coming from thought xD

He’ll upload them now :slight_smile: @theankou

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this issue needs to be fixed

Updated. Can you check now?

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collection approved!

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