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Comedy Show #1

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Comedy Show #1

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Hi! Please send IP rights to

Thank you for the quick reply, we’re excited to be a part of this community.
Can you help me understand what information needs to be in that email?
The comedian is named Tiana and we used basic designs, i.e. blue, white, and the number ‘44’ to avoid IP issues.
The artist works for us, creating art for our DCL and Sandbox worlds.
Do I need some sort of sentence releasing our IP rights of this item to DCL?
Just let me know and we’ll send it over right away.
Thanks again!

you will need to contact to for more info about IP rights
the problem that i see with wearable is names that written on front / back and you should provide any proofs to legal team that people which names is written on the back is agreed for that

Thank you. I did this and sent them what was requested.
Thanks so much. Let me know the next step

I will approve collection when i will get news from legal team :slight_smile:

Thanks again. I emailed what I hope will cover the requirements about 14 hours ago. Do you have a normal turnaround time for that?
And, if we are approved by you, will the sale then be live?

Sales won’t be live, you will need to turn on sale button manually
I’m still waiting for news from legal team…

Great and thank you. I have a few questions.
Do those who approve these collections work on the weekend?
We are nearing 48 hours and I am hoping it’s a pretty straight-forward process. It is a shirt to represent our show and I send them proof of that.
Is there a way you can reach out to them and update us on the process. We are hoping to have the sale live by Monday, as the show is Thursday, and every day prior helps.
Also, if not approved by Sunday, we will have to make tickets on eth.
Lastly, if we are not approved, is the $150 in mana refunded?
I guess really lastly, thanks for your help

I work everyday
No there is no refund of mana, this was noted in docs and in window when you was publishing collection

I will contact legal team to get some news about your collection

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collection approved!

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