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Colorful BYP

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**Colorful Tutu Dress **

Colorful Butterfly Wings

**Colorful Headphones **

Colorful Fairies Wings

hi! checking collection now! :sweat_smile:

Hi! Any updates on collection?

Hi, i saw review right now.
It is very strange that it is not seen, because I see them without problems “In World”

Maybe it will be solved by updating the .glb file

all good, remove background from upper_body thumbnail, thank you

Its OK. First, one question… Can the description be modified after the collection is published?

yes, you can change name and description of each wearable inside collection, but you can’t change name of whole collection itself

Perfect. Thanks! Collection is ready? Right?

fix upper_body icon background please, it should be transparent

Its all ready! I fixed!

collection approved!

Hi. Collection its On Sale. Thx!
But, I noted an error in my wearables on sale, can i reload new .glb fixed?

yep, sure, i’ll need to re-approve collection, tag me when you will upload fixed model

Hi @theankou . i uploaded fixed model.

Hi @theankou
Can you confirm when everything is ready?

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collection re-approved!

Hi again @theankou . I need you to review the modification to these wings, I increased the emissivity of the edge material. An aspect that went unnoticed at first.

collection re-approved!

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The collection has been assigned to theankou