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Coke Boys LA Sneakers

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Coke Boy LA’s [White]

Heaven & Hell


CB Galaxy

Iron Mans

CB Snake Skin

1/1 Coke Boys "LA 2 LA"


These shoes are sickkkk :fire:
I’m not a mod but just a heads up, the triangle count looks a bit high and will get called out before approval. Needs to be closer to 1500 Tri count :pray:

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Awesome collection! as @michi mention. please optimize all your meshes to be closer to the triangle limit 1500. Also you will need to reduce the textures amount to 2.


Thank you!

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Hello! just so all curators know I rejected this so they could fix the normals :slight_smile:


Hi @HirotoKai! I work on the CokeBoys LA Sneaker team. We submitted revised files that should now have the correct normals that were requested. Please let me know if you need anything else!

checking now! :slight_smile: -Hiro

good to go thank you!!

Thank you @HirotoKai!