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Chufy’s Wearables Collection

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Bianca Maxi Dress

Nicola Jacket

Addi Mini Dress


Bunnie Maxi Dress

**Aldo Jumpsuit **


Hi! These are for MVFW. Hope to be reviewed.

hello will review them right now thanks a lot!

hello @Quorra everything seems correct however in the bunny maxi dress that in the interior is invisible
you can duplicate the faces with the inverted normals and it will be solved let me know when you do that

Thank you very much, I will fix this soon

Hi @Lauretta
I have fixed the bug. please review again.

no problem will review it today

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thanks a lot for yourpatience @Quorra the collection was approved , out of curiosity are colaborating with chufy ?

Yes, I make wearable models for Chufy.

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nice ! thanks for letting me know

This is INSANELY beautiful. Yessss so excited for fashion week now! <3