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Christmas Ugly Sweater

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**Christmas Ugly Sweater **

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey @rizk bottom hole needs to be closed

also, i’m not sure about carrot and balls…

Good morning , I fixed the cap …
and regarding the carrot and balls, they represent the nose and the ears of the Snowman, I got inspired by real shirt I found on Pintreset :

thanks :christmas_tree:

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this issue needs to be fixed…

wearable in-world looks broken (you can test wearables in-world by going to your collection → hit three dots → see in-world)

i this issue can be fixed if you will delete all bones with _end suffi

Fixed, and thanks for the guideline since i didnt have this problem before…

I see no problem here. Looks very natural. :joy:

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:joy: :joy: right ?.. @CheddarQueso

this is last issue that needs to be fixed :slight_smile:

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thanks for your patience, you can check it now if all good…

right leg on run still overlaps with wearable, female version have overlaps with legs too

you can check now please & I made it male base only now…

collection approved!
btw, just letting you know, that you have option to upload two different GLB files for 1 wearable, (1 glb for male and 1 for female)

if you will decide to upload female glb with fixed issues, let me know, i’ll re-approve collection

thanks alot for the support through approval … i didnt know that two GLB can be uploaded too


can i add female GLB after i mint couple of them? or i can only add female version before I mint any wearable

yes, it’s possible, but make sure that design for female is not completely different

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For now I changed the name from Christmas Ugly sweater to Jingle balls … if possible to approve it

thanks for ur time

I did the female version too plus changing the name…

The collection has been assigned to theankou