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Hairyman Christmas Sweater

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Hey, can u please push a small change like an additional tag?

Hello, thank you for reviewing this wearable! I am more than happy to add an additional tag. However, it is not allowing me to. When i delete one and save it, i am allowed to type, however it is not allowing me to add more than 11 tags. If i do not delete a tag and save it, i then cannot type any additional tags. Please let me know your thoughts as i am more than happy to add additional tags.

Well that was weird. The above was happening, however it randomly started letting me add tags. :slight_smile: It is ready for review, again. Added a few more.

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Collection approved!

Thank you! I hope you have a nice day!

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Hello, I added the tag #holiday season
Unsure if I need to add a comment for it to show or if you get notifications.