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Chang Gang Legendary Suit

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Chang Gang Bulletproof Wingsuit


Hey, I can review this now~

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Just having a look it all seems good to go except I’m seeing a funny effect nes to your logo with two faces where the UV is getting slightly scrambled. Maybe jsut pull it out ever so slighty? You can see first image has some distortion and second one is clean

Let me know how you go and I can re-review~

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Hey Michi, thx <3<3<3 :smiley: i’ll get on it right away and let u kno wen fixed up :slight_smile:

Hey Michi, i just pulled da logo out a bit :slight_smile: Ready to go on my end <3

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Sorry for the delay! I’ll approve this now~

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This is all approved but just give it a hot minute.
Builder is acting up a little so if you have any issue please let me know~

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tysm Michi, <3<3<3<3<3 you’re a legend! & yea u been faster than most of them lol, didn’t even noticed a delay :smiley:

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