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CBS Ghosts

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CBS Ghosts T-Shirt

Hey there! Very excited to get this in-world for an upcoming event. Please let us know if there’s anything we can accommodate during this revision process!

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

hey this is cool! Would love to know about the RL event that goes with this~

Just a few changes, currently there’s some clipping around the waist, make sure the hips are weighted 100% oto the middle bone and not influenced by the legs (light blue area):

Opps, and some flipped faces under the shirt, make sure it’s sealed to avoid any transparency

Also if you can shoot an email to with permission to use the logo we’re sweet ~~~
Please @ me when you’re ready!

Sure, will get your preferences sorted out quickly! As for the legal, should be set with the foundation, but will get some additional legal sent over as well and will update through the proper channels. Thanks!

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If already sorted w/ foundation then no stress~

Updated, let us know if there’s anything further we can do to accommodate your preferences. @michi

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hey @TerraZero ,
Currently the updated version the male has had hands separated from the wrist and some gaps in the palm, some weighting issues around the hips also:

On female the hips are seperate from the body~

Other than that it’s good to go, just let me know when you update!

Updated! Looking forward to seeing it approved, thanks! @michi

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hey @TerraZero ,
this design is still clipping with both male and female. I recommend making the shirt shorter and set to the hips if you’re having a bit of trouble with weighting around the hips and legs. Then it can be a bit easier~
Female has a bit of clipping just idle. Longer shirts can have a bit of issues due to the extreme movements of the avatar.


I’m excited to seeing this approved! Super close~
Let me know how you go :smiley:

Updated! Hopefully the latest satisfies your preferences. Decentraland legal and foundation are on board, excited to see it out there! Thank you :slight_smile: @michi

The collection has been assigned to Mika#1194

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