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Many thanks Yannakis, yes we already had this guidelines.


thanks @Yannakis for your answer.

As shown, there is no mention in the standards of any problems with wearables that are not bipedal.
What he says is that a human form be maintained, which the Xolo does maintain, it has a head, arms, body and legs. In addition, we have already indicated the care that has been taken to avoid display problems.
I do not understand why it is so strict, this wearable does not represent a vehicle or a pet, we are talking about a mount.
I share a couple of wearables that are vehicle and pet and that were recently approved.


The Xolo could be compared in concept with these two cases.

What I think is fair for all wearables that are now in verification progress is to demand that they work so that they do not give display problems and then publish a new and clearer rule that indicates that animals, vehicles, etc… are not allowed.

In any case, I think it is an error and that it limits creativity, but what is really important is that all regulations should be written down and do not depend on the criteria of a committee.

Decentraland has made a great effort to show itself as a transparent entity.

Therefore the committee should publish this type of changes and requirements so that the creators can be warned.

We read the regulations before starting to work and we saw the status of the marketplace, nothing made us think that the wearable was going to be banned without giving any adaptation alternative.

We are talking about time and money.
Is someone going to return it?

Thanks in advance for this open discussion.


But how come they don’t allow you to have the Xolo? I had a Chinese New Year tiger that was practically the same movement! Too bad for the DCL committee!

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Hey! This collection was approved before guidelines update.


Hi all

I understand the problem, and I will try to provide a solution that does not harm the creators.
First a little criticism, I know that they have put a lot of effort into this wearable and honestly, every time I send a wearable I am somewhat afraid that if some criteria of the commission has changed at the last moment and they will throw it back. It feels insecure to create wearables and that’s not good.

It is difficult to know that the guidelines have been updated, any place where it is announced? they are a bit hidden not in a prominent place, and if they are updated you have no way of knowing it except constantly visiting the web, right?
I suggest have a new secction with only the mandatory guidelines to approve wearables and maybe the last update date.

About the problem and the solution for these cases:

I understand that the problem is that non-humanoid wearables don’t work well with animations.
Why not add an animation compatibility attribute?
Non-humanoid skins will not have that attribute, and may not be able to use the new animations but will be approved.
decentraland already have some not humanoid wearables and looks a big restriction that may not be to everyone’s taste.
I think the “fully compatibilly with avatar moves” attribute could be a good solution for all.

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Hi @AndreusAs we uploaded a new Xolo version for verification

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  1. Some clipping issues on the skirt during anims:

  2. Consider changing the thumbnail in such a way, that it also represents the lower body parts of the wearable.


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hello @AndreusAs
corrections are ready in the female version.
We would like to use the same thumbnail because is important the Xolo in the strategy.

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Real damn shame they gatekeep that xolo is sick. Its real fn sad that hide behind oh it will break the ui. We can just change our fn wearable to do what we need to do in that instance.

@Karinai2C collection has been approved!

@TheCryptoTengu UI? Nope, it’s not breaking the user interface :slight_smile:


Hi Andreus! we made some changes in the wearables of the collection, no changes in the mesh, just small change in the letters because of the rebranding of the project. Could you check it? thanks in advantage

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The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hello @AndreusAs ! Me again, we have seen that the wearables were uploaded with errors since we missed hiding the Feet and the Hair as well as we also detected that one of them was duplicated. It has already been corrected and they are now uploaded correctly. Is ready for review. Many thanks for everything!

Hey! Changes don’t seem to be pushed, hence the collection appears to be approved but not synced atm.


The changes we made some last thursday before were ok, collection approved and sinced but now we are asking for new changes that need to reviewed again please :slight_smile:

I do understand that, but the collection is in the approved, yet unsynced state. That’s because the changes were not “pushed”. Do it please, and I’ll approve it ASAP.

ready! u were absolutely right, I was missing this detail :sweat_smile:

Thank you for all!

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Collection re-approved!