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Calabasas Kid

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Calabasas Kid Club Hoodie

Hey, cool hoodie!

The graphics may contain IP issues, please provide written consent by Calabasas Kid (Calabasas Kid Marketplace on OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets) to in order to proceed with this design.

There’s some clipping between the back of the hoodie and the trousers on the female version.

Everything else looks great!

Hi! I am the creator of Calabasas Kids. I have worked with the designer and upload a new file that should fix these issues. I’ll make sure to check back here if anything else needs to be reviewed. Thanks!

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Awesome, looks great, approved!

@akotzbach Hello friend, you are one who purchased my wearable Cyber Rabbit Mask so I wanna give a special :gift: to you, it,s a new item in future I would like to invite you to join my discord. PoizArt hope to see you ther🥰

@akotzbach I just sent my new wearable to you as gift,Thank for supporting me from beginning.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: