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1st AR NFT Mural Jacket


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Bey, gonna review this now

  1. Consider adding Hair to the “Hides” category. Right now hairstyles clip through the cape of the hoodie.

  2. Consider adding a female representation for the hoodie with all the appropriate changes to it (i.e. make waist higher, see screen) or making it male only. Right now it looks like this:

  1. Consider fine-tuning the jacket rigging. It’s not easy to make such a design work perfect with every animation, but try to negate clipping issues as much as possible, especially during running animation.

  1. Looks like the jacket doesn’t use double-sided shader, hence we can sometimes see through it, See the screen.


I have uploaded a new hoodie can you reviw now please

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


The waist height is alright now. What about the other fixes I mentioned?


arent they all fixed now?

Hey! Check this one:

Otherwise it’s good to go.