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Bullish Jewelry by RexYasuke


haha im feeling bullish about this wearable too


preciate the love!!!

looks soo much like this helmet i got today…

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OH now theres a chain tooo… must be inspiration from Metawear

Wow sick! design looks very similar to The Bitcoin Bull NFT design to be honest… only putted the same design on a necklace, very creative.



That is a nice helmet! It definitely looks bullish!

That’s a dope helmet! It will go well with my bullish jewelry.

Sorry I don’t know who they are and haven’t seen their wearables until now. My inspiration came from the Bull market. If your bullish on any project you should have this jewelry. Bullish - jewelry for the bullish.

@Chestnutbruze Any updates on approval?

Bullish wearable!!! Can’t wait until this drops. @Lauretta @Chestnutbruze

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@vrglitch @Shibu @Chestnutbruze @Lauretta @SteveScott @Malloy @HirotoKai

Can’t wait for this drop. Any update?

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This is really nice I love it! Think this might be my favorite wearable yet :relaxed: Dope idea.

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Thank You :pray:t5: @vrglitch @Lauretta @Malloy @HirotoKai @Chestnutbruze @Shibu @SteveScott

hello there I reviewed the item and everything seem to work perfectly will approve as soon as possible

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@Lauretta Thank You🙏🏾

Thank you for your support @Charbaii

I think you are good at this, I would like to wear it in some organizations and never sell :slight_smile:
go on body.


Thanks, it should be up soon!