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Bosozoku Boot’s

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Tengus Bosozoku Boots


Whoa!! I LOVE these boots!! <3

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Amazing ! Looks good

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Hey @TheCryptoTengu ! These are looking great!

I’m afraid that the boots are clipping with the majority of pants.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 00.03.52
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 00.04.06
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 00.04.22

Can you make them bigger? Otherwise these are going to be usable just with leggings or short pants.

Let me know, thanks

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So lovely! Congrats for this wearable.

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Dear @Shibu we tried to enlarge the boots with changes and it made them appear strange. I have included a image for you to compare the before and after changes. The current design works with 12 out of 18 current bottoms in the builder. If you can please reconsider allowing these to remain unchanged.


Approved @TheCryptoTengu

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@Oble will put these for sale Monday Thanks @Shibu

Question from a fellow boot wearable creator:
Did you just end up going with the limited wear-ability option? The larger ones look comically huge. I have seen these in world and I remember them being more like the more slender ones on the right.

With bare legs and leggings my boots look just fine.

But with pants, there is a problem.
White Striped Pants

I noticed that Temple Tuttle Boots got around this by making the tops of the boots very close to the leg. I’d prefer not doing that because the style of a western boot is tight around the ankle and flared up at the top.

Any insight or advice you can give on your approval process would be appreciated.

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@AwedJob Im just the designer @grimey was the one who did the grunt work on mine after i gave sketches and references to @Oble on a set . I agree with you the size of some feet based wearables looks absolutely stupid and unaesthetic to the eye. Its my understanding they are talking about or will be talking about new guidelines and new wearable parameter’s with smart wearables and much more coming. Lastraum's Last Slice is a link to the last slice discord with a good bit of wearable creators and artists. I personally believe a lot or wearables clip and over lap.If x amount of other wearables work over y i dont know why they dont let them in and let the user decide what they wear. The wearables commitee seams to not have a chair with overall say or any set guidelines other then some ip and poly limits based on there 3d skeleton currently. I find they want to maintain a certain level of consistency. In the process they block certain items out of thier own taste when the people enjoy them because it doesnt work with thier set ideal. Is that really decentralized tho? If its not game breaking i dont see the issue Some things they look great mashed up. I hold no dog in that fight tho im just another citizen. Wish i could help more then giving you that link but lot good people in that discord.

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The link and your experience and words is very helpful. Thank you. I will check out the Last Slice Discord.

It would be cool if I could cut my boot in half: upper and lower. Then any flared leg pants could exclude the upper and the boot would “fit” under the leg. If there was no overlap, then show the upper and the lower. Problem solved. I’m not a programmer and I have no idea the level of complexity for something like that.