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Boson x CIDER

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Cider Asymmetrical Cut Tank Top

Cider Bohemian Dreams

Cider Stevie Mini Dress

Cider Daisy Flower Pink Crochet

i will review this now

theres a lot of clipping on the daisy flower pink top

once thats fixed i can approve

thanks for letting me know will work on it as soon as I can

hello @Sango I have fixed the jacket let me know if I need to make any more changes

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some clipping on the trousers

and only half a strap on the top

hello @Sango I have uploaded the glbs changed let me know if you need anything else

just noticed some weight painting issues around the neckline on the top

hello @Sango it has been updated

the issue still persists

ok I believe the issue is fexied now @Sango

this collection has been approved