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Bong Head by Only 90s Kids Know

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Glowing Bong Head

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Hi @Lauretta I hope you like my newest creation :slight_smile: Please let me know if it’s ok, thank you!

What do you think? @Lauretta @HirotoKai @Malloy

It’s my masterpiece :slight_smile:

hey will review this today, will come back to you later @only90skidsknow

hey @only90skidsknow the model is well rigged sadly it is too tall, maximum height for a wearable is the arms up, rduce the tube of the pong and I will approve

Thanks @Lauretta I have made the change.

@only90skidsknow hey there the wearable looks ready to go, however the emissive seems too strong in world so if you want you can lower the emissive or if thats the effect that you want just let me know and I will approve it

Hey @Lauretta that was actually on purpose. Thank you so much!

perfect will approve as soon as I can

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