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Great Pressure Suit

Happiness Rescue Forces

The collection has been assigned to theankou

reduce triangle count of all wearables to 5000 or less

I have adjusted according to the comments. Reduce the number of polygons to less than 5000, please check again.

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Hey! I will take a look now

hey limit for materials and textures is 5\5

add this categories to hiding list (for all wearables)

  • helmet
  • eyewear
  • earring
  • tiara
  • hat
  • mask

I already adjusted Please check again.

add categories to hiding list

also, models seems broken in-game, this happens when skeleton have bones with _end suffix, please delete bones with _end suffix and issue will be fixed

I have already removed bones with _end suffix and add hiding list. please check again

this issue needs to be fixed, all other wearables seems fine

Ok, I fixed it. please check again

hiding cattegories are misisng on MSMK Suit

I added hiding cattegories already. please check again

collection approved!