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BNV x Vivienne Tam

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Embroidered Qipao Gown by VT

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Theres some clipping on the waist on both male and female versions

Hi @Sango, uploaded the fix, please take a look, thanks!

The clipping is less obvious now but still blatant. you will need to join the skirt to the upper body part of the mesh to stop this issue. the trousers also clip out the back. should the lower body be in the hide category?

I see. Yes the lower body was meant to be hidden, I forgot when I uploaded it for the 2nd time. We will look into the clipping issue again.

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@Sango I think the clipping should be fixed now, please take a look, thanks!

is this gap meant to be there under the arm ?

Hi @Sango, yes, that’s part of the design.

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This collection has been approved

@Sango Is it possible to resubmit another 3D model if we needed to make some changes and go through the approval process again before it’s minted?