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BNV G2s S.E. Collection 2

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TOA G2 by BNV S.E.

Fearcity G2 by BNV S.E.

Hello will check this now

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The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Rig is good!

  • Wearables are not double sided in game, please add back geo to avoid any see-through.
  • Use helmet category (1500 tris budget)
    TOA G2 by BNV S.E. : hide > eyewear, hair, hat
    Fearcity G2 by BNV S.E. : hide > eyewear, mask

Let me @ knwo here when you are done

@fabeeobreen Hi there, took us a while to rebuild them as helmets. Uploaded the new 3D files, set both to hide eyewear, hair and hat. Please take a look again, many thanks!

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Hello @FlaneurofMetaverses !

TOA G2 by BNV S.E. Good to go!
Fearcity G2 by BNV S.E. : I donìt see any changes here, have you update the file?

Hi @fabeeobreen , yes I have updated the file, the top was open in the last version, it’s a full helmet now.

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Hello @FlaneurofMetaverses
Can you add some back geo to avoid any see through? Category and hides are correct!

Hi @fabeeobreen, done as instructed, hope it works now. Thanks.

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Collection approved! @FlaneurofMetaverses

gm, @fabeeobreen

It has been brought to our attention by a member of our community, that the Pink and White wearable above, that we set as a helmet, is conflicting with other wearables (see attached image). The “replace” or “hide” setting seems to have been set incorrectly by us, or was not caught by curation.

We would like to adjust this via the .js from your side, or if there is another solution we can consider, that would be great to learn more about.

The intention for this helmet is to replace everything but hair, as is designed to fit some of the smaller hairstyles, though we would rather keep the wearables “tidy”, and avoid this clipping between headwear items.

Thanks for your time,

Ryan (Community Manager at

Hello @EaglePotato

Your wearable is autoreplacing “Helmet”: meaning it will replace any worn helmet.
It is also hiding: hair / hat / eyewear.
This setup avoid all combination with the above category.

What you can do is add hides > top head, earring, tiara.
This will exclude all head related categories.

Keep in mind tho: If the player is wearing a “skin” category (example: cowboy full body with cowboy hat)
Your wearable will not replace/ hide the hat worn by the skin (because skin is a singles “piece”)
And it will result as > your helmet + cowboy hat.