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BNV G2s S.E. Collection 1

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Wilderness G2 by BNV S.E.

Metakey G2 by BNV S.E.

G2 by BNV S.E.

Hi! I will check this collection!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey, i think category needs to be changed from helmet to eyewear, or if you want to leave it as helmet, add eyewear category to hiding list

Thank you, Theankou

We opted to set the wearable as “eyewear”, so DCL explorers have the option to customise around it, rather than being forced to remove hat, hair, etc., and they can embrace a full wardrobe.

Hope this fits the curation criteria. Looking forward to your reply.

Ryan (Community Manager at

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collection approved!

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Thanks so much. We will be targeting Linked Wearables in the near future. Do you have an advice?

Hi @EaglePotato better to start here: Linked wearables | Decentraland Documentation

If you need help with tech part of Linked Wearables, we have that as service.