Collection 'Blazin Armor - Ember Mask' created by BlazinMazon#c2a2 is ready for review!

Approved, next time you can just make a collection will all the same collection items. Not sure if you know that or wanted to do it seperatly?


Yes I didn’t have the entirety of the mana needed to publish the set. But definitely will be proper in the future! Thank you so much!! <3 @DuckiezKing the BOMB!!:fire::fire:

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Understood, I guessed as much. Well your on the way to make some mana!


Keep up the great work! This looks awesome!!


@Yannakis All set and ready to go!

@michi this is the third update to thumbnails!

@DuckiezKing ive also added my logo to this wearable. Please re-approve! Changes pushed!!