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Blacknode Helloween Ryuk

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Helloween Ryuk Head

Helloween Ryuk UpperBody

Helloween Ryuk LowerBody


OMG! This is :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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The design may contain IP issues, please provide written consent by Shueisha or Viz Media to in order to proceed with this design.
Thank you.

Hi @vrglitch , still no answer about consent, but can I modify the head and change the name of the collection so we dont have and issues?
Thank you

Hey @Blacknode , yes you can replace the model and the name of the items, not the collection. Try to make an original design, with your 3d skills you can do whatever you want :wink: . Just let me know when you are ready!!!
Have a great weekend.

Dear @vrglitch can you check this version, i changed design so no issue with any IP

and can we still change the name of the collection replacing Ryuk to Monster

Wow, this is crazy cool!

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@Blacknode Looking awesome!! Take into consideration that wearables are commonly used in combination with other items from different collections. Please adjust intersection nodes/cuts based on wearable reference models to work perfectly with all combinations.

Screenshot 2021-07-12 104804

so it’s not possible to have thinner waist ? I think I’ve seen like skeleton or something.
for female , how can i add female version ? since female waist is higher

fixed the head

better fit lower body

but cat i keep him slim no so fat as regular body, it’s suppose to wear all together @Shibu @vrglitch ?

Hey @Blacknode , have been discussing with the team and we think that the better solution for your design is that you merge upper and lower body and then submit it as an upper body.
What do you think?

thanks @vrglitch, i was talking with @shibu as well, i will update design a bit for the body as well

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new design, what do you think ? @vrglitch


should work with female and male
let me know please @vrglitch

wow! It´s looking amazing. Both representations are having some issues with other wearables. Can you adjust hip vertices to be at the suggested height?
Take into consideration that both representations have different hip height so you will need to make 2 versions for each item (upper and lower body).

Screenshot 2021-07-15 101909Screenshot 2021-07-15 111425


Thank you!

how can i upload two versions ? I uploaded male version that works now @vrglitch

Try here

or by item detail outside of the editor

wow you are genius! thank a lot all for the help, Uploaded both versions @vrglitch

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