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Black Studio Green Series

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UpperBody Green Textured

Feet Green

LowerBody Green Textured

The collection has been assigned to theankou

  • make sure to set weights to 1 to leg bone

  • legs of pants seems smaller than standard legs

  • marked part should be weight painted to 1 to hip bone, looks like some vertices have issues with it (for both M and F)

  • same issue with pants (M and F)

Hello! We’ve updated our models. Can you check again when you have time?

all issues still here

  • shoes
    weight painting should be assigned strictly to 1 to hip bone, and in shoes situation - leg bone

at this moment looks like marked parts still have weight influence from other bones

yes you were right sorry!
I think i deleted other influences from other bones. It should be ok.

model seems broken in-game (to check in-world, go to collection, hit three dots → see in-world), the reason why model is broken is because you have bones with _end suffix, delete them all and issue will be fixed

I think it is ok now.


Hey @erbay collection approved, but there is one issue left:

this issue needs to be fixed, let me know when you will push update, so i will be able to re-approve, thank you!

I deleted the emission channel and it is OK now. Also made the push. Thanks for your time again!

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collection re-approved!