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  • Description: bl4ckWolf is a DCL wearable created by DecentralFun.
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: helmet

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Tobik here (I have created this). For some reason yesterday the emission was working. Now it’s not. What’s happening?

Hey, congrats @Tobik on publishing this cool wolf wearable! I attempted to purchase #1/100 just a moment ago, and while the TX was successful and MANA has been taken, the wearable still registers as 100/100 in the marketplace and is not in my wallet. Just wanted to post here in case something is up with DCL right now.

Hey, don’t worry. It’s Decentraland failing. You will get the wearable, these bugs are common. And thanks for buying.

By the way, you have bought the first bugged wearable of Decentraland. That adds more value.

Lol, unfortunately it is not the 1st bugged wearables here in DCL…

Ha, it was indeed bugged. The TX did eventually go through, but must’ve been delayed as the wolf head landed in my wallet as mint #3 ~ still a rad wearable and glad it’s fixed now.