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Bits & Pretzels 22

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Classic Dirndl Skirt

Classic Dirndl Top

Dirndl Shoes

Classic Lederhose Shoes

Classic Bavarian Hat

Classic Lederhose

Classic Lederhose Top

Holo Dirndl Skirt

Holo Dirndl Top

Holo Lederhose Shoes

Holo Bavarian Hat

Holo Lederhose

Holo Lederhose Top

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

having some troubles with builder test in-world, so will take a while to check all of wearables (problems with loading of equipped wearables on avatar)

  • there is something wrong with all of wearables (please make sure to delete all bones with _end suffix, otherwise wearables will look broken in-world, to test all wearables in-world go to collection → click three dots → see in-world)

let me know when you will push update, thank you!

@theankou Thanks for the feedback and advice. I’ll check it and write when I’ve resolved the issue.

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Hello theankou!

Thank you very much for your time reviewing our collection.
We have updated the “Holo Lederhose Top” , removing bones and tested it inside the world.It seems to work. Can you please tell us if , in this way, it would be accepted ?

Also , we have another question regarding the textures and materials for the next models:
Since 1 material and 1 textures is occupied by the default skin inside the mannequin (provided by Decentraland), can we add 2 extra textures + the mannequin’s ones right?

Thank you very much for your time , if you have the chance to test this “Holo Lederhose Top” we will adjust all the other models accordingly . We just need to know if it will be accepted in this way.

thank you, i will check top right now

  1. yes, standard skin material do not count, so you can use additional 2 materials and 2 textures
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make sure to wright paint bottom part (corners) to 1 to hip bone, to avoid issues like holes between standard parts and your wearable

something wrong with this part, probably vertices are not welded

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Hello and good morning!

We are making sure all the assets are following this rules .
Thank you for this help.

We will re-upload all the wearables soon:)

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We have tested all the new wearables and all of them should be fine !

Please let us know if everything is fixed on your side.

I warmly thank you for your time.

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  • issues with this top and green one

  • holes needs to be closed

  • issues with green hat (holo hat is OK)

  • issues with pants

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We are on it!
Again thank you for your patience for this first time.

Once we have everything fixed I’ll ping you again.
Thank you!

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Hello theankou
We have done all the fixes , can you please check if everything is fine this time?
Thank you very much for your time ,again.


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thank you for update, i will check collection now

small hole still here

make sure to weld vertices, looks like this is the reason why on headexplode i can see holes

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Let’s see if now everything is finally done we are learning as well.
Thanks for the patience.

Vertex are welded , holes are gone.

Thanks again @theankou

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i’m experiencing some issues with testing in-world, and this bug still not fixed (all curators have this issue), will take a while to check your collection, i’ll let you know soon if all good or not

collection approved!

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Omg! thanks! I was worry , I have checked multiple times in game with no issue this time ahah
Thanks again for your great job and patience !:slight_smile: