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Bit Dutch BMX Collection

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Bit Dutch BMX

  • Description: DCL’s first ever bicycle! The color matches that of your hair!
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: skin

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hi i will review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

great work, unfortunately more of the mesh needs to be attached to the corresponding bones, ie head ,hands etc. could you adapt towards this?

hello Sango, thanks for the very quick review. In order to pose the character in such a way that it gives the idea of ​​remaining leaning against the handlebars of the bicycle, I deliberately inhibited the influence of many bones in the upper part of the body. Otherwise the shoulders and arms would dangle when the character runs, but here I need them to remain almost still. Furthermore, to give a feeling of balance in the cyclist posture I had to offset the whole upper part of the body by tilting it forward, in doing so I no longer have the perfect correspondence with the bones and therefore I cannot use much of their influence (but anyway, as I wrote first, I don’t want to use it) I gave a little bit of upper chest bone influence to the upper torso and head so that they wobble a little but not too much. For the legs I need them to moderately follow the movements of the bones of the lower body but not completely, in this way I can simulate the pedaling movement. To effectively simulate pedaling, I also had to offset the meshes of the legs with respect to the standard position, in fact they are by default folded and do not touch the ground. Here, too, I have no way of using all the influence of the bones but it is deliberate.

hello @Sango , did you have the opportunity to view my answer with the clarifications regarding the weighing of the skeleton? I hope it is clear and I really hope that it can explain my choices so that they can be approved, I have worked really hard on this project and it has not been easy to make a coherent and working setup. If you have any questions I am available! thanks for everything.

Hi, yes i understand the work you went through to get this to work as is, but it limits what is possible in the future if limbs arent pinned to the correct bones

Hi Sango, what about this?

it seems to me to be the same concept … Plus on my BMX the legs move and pedal following the bones of the legs …

In this other example no bone affects the mesh except the main one …

Mine is not meant to be a controversy, I’m just trying to find a solution to keep the job done.
Thanks a lot, I remain available for anything.

@Sango Any feedback about my last reply ? What do you think about it?

you will find things that were made before these rules were more enforced but this is the way we need to do it now

@Sango ok, to solve the problem do you think it might be okay if I transform the wearable into a lower body thus leaving full mobility to the upper body (I would eliminate the upper part leaving it available to the user to choose the upper body he prefers)? the part of the legs is mobile and follows the movement of the bones even if in an attenuated way.

Hi @Sango , any feedback or suggestions about my last message?

Ho… Why is taking so long … I really need that bike :100::100:

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yes, legs need to be on the armature correctly too

@4Bit i can advice you to make some thing like cloud arms on the armature and then make them transparent but not too much, i had a similair problem on my own wearable.

@Sango can you try to discuss this matter with your fellow curators, he reached out to me through twitter desperately and doesn’t know what to do.
It works fine with animations too, it walks/bikes.

I’m not involved in anyway with this wearable but am only trieng to help out to find a way for him :slight_smile:


Thank youuuuu very much @InJesterr for the advice!
@Sango what do you think about it?

@Sango why is this taking so long ?

the questions been answered, and the answer remains the same. let me know when the adjustment have been made and only then can we move forward

updated model:

  • category changed to “lower body” in order to leave full mobility to the upper body
  • name changed
  • vehicle type changed to maintain a minimum of coherence with the laying
  • the lower part of the body keeps the same weight on the bones of the basemesh provided in the example, the legs are shorter
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good work, do you want to add a female representation before i approve it?