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Birds Aren’t Real

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Birds Aren’t Real

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey, feel free to drop me an @ when you’re ready~

@michi ready sir it wants me to type 20 characters so i will type more. i like walks on the beach and good movies

Hey @vissequ looking at this, the wearable is currently hiding itself. Can you remove this hide and I can review~

@michi oops. yes I just did. thanks for pointing that out!

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Looks like the face behind is reversed! Just to update that you can flip the normals to prevent any faces being transparent.

Let me know when you’ve updated~

@michi hey michi. I spoke to my friend who is the modeler and I have uploaded her new update to the wearable

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Hey Vissequ,
there seems to be an IP infringement on this design raised. Please shoot an email to with your design and proof of concept for their approval in regards to section 14 of the Birds Aren’t Real Terms of Service

Let me know how you go!

Will do @michi thank you!

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