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Bird Gang

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Bird Gang Rasta T-shirt

Reviewing this now :slight_smile:

Hey Blazingzoomer, Cool design :+1:
The shirt looks good, there’s 1 thing I noticed however, it’s not a big thing so I will leave it up to you whether you want to change it or not.


But the text on the female shirt is placed at the bottom of the back, where there is a lot of deformation going on in the mesh. If you placed the text higher up I think there would be less deformation happening.

And also if you want to you can upload a custom thumbnail that shows the shirt and design better, the default thumbnail doesn’t show it off in the best way imo.

Let me know if you want to make these changes before I approve

Hey thanks,

I actually dont mind the way it is as it looks like she is wearing a bodysuit.
Where would I upload the thumbnail to?

Thanks again!

I plan to do a lot more of this, IRL i make skateboards and snowboards, and i want to open a board shop on here somewhere at some point, that will incorporate boards and nfts and wearables.

i found it, but i think i am ok with it… I will figure out better thumbs next time around.
thank you

Nice, looking forward to your next submissions :+1: just approved this one now

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one last question, Now What? lol
I see they have been accepted but do i use the mint funtion now, or are the items already on the marketplace? or how does this work or where do i read about it myself?
Thank you for your assistance

The items are not on the marketplace until you mint them. You can also enable them for sale from within the wearable editor, this will make them available in the in-game shop. You can find all the information you need in this doc here

Thank you so much !!!