Collection 'BILANC® NFT' created by MrBilanc#0574 is ready for review!


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Will take a look at this now!

Collection approved!

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hi Yannakis thank you for the quick approval, want to edit the name and description do you know how long it’s going to the take for the pending approval of the first edit? and then I’m going to do my final edit once I can edit again.

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Hey, I’ll approve when you tell me it’s ready for approval :blush:

hi I’m ready to change the description now, one last time. I’m going to change ‘bilanc genuine leather italia’ to something else and the name please

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when i go in builder and try to update it, it goes back to what it previously said

There are some issues sometimes. Try a few times and it should change!

[quote=“DEVON, post:10, topic:8825, full:true”]
I’ve been trying for 4 consecutive days hanging the name and description. it says that it’s still in review from the first upload. on marketplace it says what initially uploaded. in builder, it says the edited version with a grey pending dot. I’ve been trying to remove the one that’s under review right now to put the final name and description, but it keeps going back to the pending edited version please help. once i can change it for the 3rd time I will not try to change it again.
thank you, sincerely devon

*Changing the name

in builder the second edit says pending. and when i try to remove, and input the new name and description; it goes back the second pending edit when I click save in builder any suggestions?

Let me know if its fixed!

yep it seems to be fixed now I’m able to edit and save new description and will be ready to re submit by or before 11:59pm Tomorrow ET. however I am have difficulty updating the price its buffering for a long time I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing similar issues or if this maybe a personal connectivity issue but anyway, thanks for giving me access so successfully update the description!!

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hey Yannakis, do you know when the pants can be updated on the marketplace? and I’m assuming i can’t update the price until after the edit is published because I’m still having difficulties updating the price for some reason

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are you trying to update on builder?

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correct, it is saying under review.

its still saying under review but i was able to update the price

Its been approved @DEVON

Hi I resubmitted another edit for the pants. currently been under review for a few days now can I get an update?

Hi thanks I’m have trouble with updating the new edit with the pants

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Hey, whats the issue you have?