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Hello checking this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen


  • Can you please reduce the tris amount to 1500?
  • Check the rig of the neck, some clipping issue on the chest. (check clap animation)
  • Thumbnail have to be .png with transaprent backgroung 512x512 px

Let me know @ here when you are done :slight_smile:

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Hi @fabeeobreen thanks for the feedback. I applied the changes and resubmitted the item! :smiley:

Hello! @DavidR
Neck rig is much better!

  • Please update the fem representation: it has clipping issue with lowerbody
  • There are some little clipping issue (back side mostly) showing the base skin of the char when moving. You can check the dance animation if you want to fix them.

Thanks, gonna fix it now!

@fabeeobreen just submitted an updated version, tested with the dance animation and seems to work pretty good!

Hello @DavidR !
Much better! Just 2 little things:

Thanks, working on it now and uploading an adjusted version asap!

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@fabeeobreen submitted a new version, this one should fix the issues!

Collection approved!

Super, thanks for the review and feedback!!