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Being a night OWL

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Owl Head

Owl Wings

Owl T-Shirt

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey just gotta add a tiara to the wings and display it on at least 50% of the thumbnail. Also please only display 1 wearable on each thumbnail and make the backgrounds transparent

@Yannakis Hi, what do you mean by “…add a tiara to the wings…” Is this about the thumbnail or the model? Could you please clarify that? Also, you asked me to display only wearable on each thumbnail. I will correct that. However, I uploaded transparent thumbnails. Could you please tell me if the current thumbnails are transparent or not?

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I mean both the model and thumbnail, you can see these shields as example that have a tiara so they fit the category. Also the current thumnails are still not transparent

@Yannakis I’m really sorry for the silly questions, I still didn’t get what you want me to do regarding the wing. I’m still learning and this is my first wing I made. How can I add tiara to the model. Also, how can I use the default thumbnail? If the thumbnails are not transparent, for some reason, that means the software I’m using doesn.t work so I want to use the default thumbnail if possible.

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Hey, you’ll have to add a tiara mesh and upload as one glb that includes both the wings and the tiara that you will make. Once you upload a model the thumbnail will be replaced with the default one

@Yannakis How about if I change the category to top head and use the Owl head glb as a mesh. Is that work?

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If the head and wings are under 1500 tris together you can upload them as a helmet and hide eyewear, earrings, top head, mask and replace the wings with another wearable

Okay, thank you. Let me check that.

Just confirmed that they are super close to 1500 together so should be fine if you open both in blender and export as 1 file. Then you can maybe make a lower body as well and use it to replace the wings!

It sounds more complicated than adding a tiara mesh. Isn’t it?

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Yeah would take way more time hah

@Yannakis All requested corrections has been made. Please check them out.

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Hey, i think theres an issue with the weighting on wings and they cant be viewed in game

I’ll check it out. Thank you for pointing out.

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@Yannakis To be honest, I didn’t do much changes on the model. However, it works perfectly fine for me now in game. Could you please check it again?

Awesome, works now! Collection approved!

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate that! :grinning:

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@Yannakis By mistake, I hid the tiara in the Owl head description so, the set can’t be worn together at the same time so, I just removed “hide tiara” from the description. That’s the only change I made. Could you please reapprove the collection?

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