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BAYC 4380 Head

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Ryans ape


Nice BAYC head, good addition to the wardrobe

Please provide certification that you own the rights to use this design (Bored Ape Yacht Club) . Please email to reconfirm that the NFT/wearable submitted is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms. Thank you.

Hi vrglitch - You can confirm that I am the owner of BAYC 4380 by checking the wallet address that submitted the wearable: 0xb3Ab3a2f58a7d91Fe3Dcf9ABAd53C0dD1603B847.

I provide consent for this to be approved and minted. (BAYC owners have full rights to the IP & Image of their Ape.)

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Thank you! your Ape has been approved. Have a great day!