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Basik Boards 2022

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Basik Beanie & Goggles

Basik Board Shop Powsurfer & Cam

Basik Jacket, Backpack & Mittens

Basik Snowpants & Boots

The collection has been assigned to theankou

this issues needs to be fixed:
snowboard wearable: add something to match top_head category, currently your wearables match tiara category

jacket: please shorten it a bit, because right now it have issues with overlapping

rest seems good, please let me know and tag me @theankou when you will push changes

Hey @BLAZINGZOOMER this issue needs to be fixed for female version of wearables

pants: vertices should be connected and follow the same shape as standard legs in marked area

jacket - ok

hat: something wrong with normals

add this categories to hiding list for hat: eyewear, tiara

also i think you will need to do something with thumbnails, to show both representations of wearables (male and female)

also pants overlaps with shoes, this needs to be fixed on both versions M and F