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Basik Boards 2021

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Basik Goggles & Beanie

Basik McFly Yukiita

Basik Snow Pants & Boots

Basik Jacket, Pack, & Mittens

@BLAZINGZOOMER I’m reviewing now.

The Snow/Hoverboard is attributed to the ‘hat’ slot which is misleading so we can’t accept it with this slot assortment. I would recommend finding a way to either link it to something on the ‘top_head’ slot like others do, reference: HirotoKai’s Katana.

Once you’ve come up with a solution let me know and I’ll review again, kind regards!

ok i have swapped it like you said, i had it like that originally because i figured it was to heavy of a file for tophead as i thought that was considered a accessory. thank you for being so fast!!! you guys are killing it!

Hi @BLAZINGZOOMER Sorry but the hoverboard isn’t a simple a solve as swapping the slot, the slow needs to be justified as to not be misleading by it’s title so if you can add a supporting piece of geometry to the top_head area that compliments the hoverboard maybe, I’ll be able to approve.

Like this:

is there a way to edit both mens and womens? it seems as if it will now need to be unisex

if the board has to now be unisex, then it is ready for review again thank you
and thank you for working wit me to solve this

this has been fixed and the legal letter was sent
Thank You

Hey, how are you? Can you re check the skinning with the upper body? It’s clipping here when running or walking.

Can you do the top head element more understandable? The thumbnail is not very clear.


once the wearable has been accepted and published I dont believe I can edit the .glb file
correct me if im wrong anybody
the pov camera was added to the board to make this acceptable as a top head wearable

after you publish you can change the glb, just need to push the changes.

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey @BLAZINGZOOMER this collection have all the same issues as collection “Basik Boards 2022”
also in this collection there is something wrong with snowboard texture on back

is this supposed to be like that?

yes @theankou the snowboard is meant to look like that, this is a powder surfboard it has no bindings, so what you are looking at is the foam grip. (i make these IRL). I am working on the other issues. Thank You

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I think I have solved all of the issues with this collection and it is ready for review @theankou
if this collection is good now, I know how to fix everything with the 2022 collection. Thank you.

is this how i am meant to ask for a rereview/push the changes ? apologies if not!

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this part needs to be weight painted to 1 to hip bone

vertices in this part of wearable needs to be welded

the rest is good :slight_smile:

welding the verts is easy, what do you mean in the first pic of weight painting to 1 to hip? the jacket or the pants or something else? @theankou
and thank you for your help

marked area on jacket