Collection 'Bangkok United 21/22 Kit' created by Drizzy#421b is ready for review!

Bangkok United 21/22 Kit

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Bangkok United Male Shirt

Bangkok United Female Shirt

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Will review these now!

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Hey, noticed a couple of flipped normals on male version. Also these two wearables could be uploaded as one wearable with male and female representations and the other slot can be used for another wearable.

Hi, so this is my first attempt at creating a wearable on Decentraland, can you explain what you mean by a flipped normal and possibly how to fix it?

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No worries. first enable face orientation. Anything colored in blue is good to go, any thing colored in red has to be fliped in order to do that you have to select the red faces and flip the normals.

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สวัสดีครับ คุณ Andrew

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@Yannakis thanks for the help…think I updated it correctly

Hey, still same issues.

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

ok, I think I fixed it, can you please check again?

Yeap issue is fixed. Can you please upload the 2 versions as one since its the same wearable? You can follow the guide bellow to see how you can have both male and female representations on 1 wearable.
You can use one of the slots to upload another wearable after uploading both on 1 slot

ok, uploaded both on to one slot. what is the next step?

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You can’t have a duplicate item so if you could make an additional wearable and replace one of the shirts I’ll be able to approve

Hi Yannakis,

Ok, I’ve made a hat as the additional wearable. Can you please have a look? Thanks

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Make sure to hide hair on builder and also make the surfaces double sided on hat

Ok, made the adjustments requested. Can you please have a look? Thanks

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Make sure to fill the gap and check that normals are facing the correct way. You can confirm by turning on face orientation and checking that all surfaces are colored in blue and not red

uploaded new edit for your approval. Thank you

Hey, make sure to add thickness all around. You could also just duplicate these faces, scale them down just a little and flip normals.

adjusted for your review. Thank you