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Banananguin Wearable

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Banananguin pants #Charity


BANANANGUIN was designed by a famous half Japanese and half Filipino artist “Taichi Kondo.” In addition to being an artist, he also managed a Philippine fruit delivery service in Japan and was inspired by the beautiful fruits of the Philippines to design BANANANGUIN.
This time, Taichi Kondo is thinking of selling BANANANGUIN designed Wearable in Decentraland with the support of Juna who runs ArtSpaceDCL on Decentraland-3,-105.

If we are allowed to sell BANANANGUIN Pants in Decentraland, we will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Wearable to banana farmers in the Philippines.

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Slightly changed the design, pls check it.

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I love the cause! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply! :smiling_face:

Checking this out now!

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Looks good! Just need to add adjust the male model with a lower waist line to work with t shirts. Works great for female. Check out screenshot.



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Thank you for your help.
I slightly changed the design and added the wearable for male and female as gender representation on the item detail page, please check them again.

Heya! This look great. It’s ready to approve. The new thumbnail you’ve uploaded doesn’t make it super clear what you’re buying. You can keep the text at the top, but could you remove the new photo you added, and perhaps get rid of the avatar upper body, head, and shoes so we just see each side of the pants.


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Sorry for the delay.
As you mentioned my previous thumbnail was not clear so I just uploaded new one, pls check it!

No prob! All approved. Cheers!

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I found a small black spot on the pants, so I edited for the making them perfect. Please check them again. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Cool all fixed. Approved!

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