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Bakwyd StikyIky | Spider Designs

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Bakwyd StikyIky | Spider Designs

Hello checking this now

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

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Hello @fabeeobreen !

Thank youi :wink:

When do you think it could be approved? These are my first wearables! My nephew told me about Decentraland and now i’m here :smiley:

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Hello @SpiderDesigns !
Welcome to Decentraland :slight_smile:
Wearable works good, just fix this before approvation:

  • Add wearable overrides : tiara, helmet
  • Update thumbnail so it shows only the wearable, without any extra graphic. If you want to keep your logo, please do so accordingly this guide:

Let @ me know here when you are done

I’m sorry but i saw other people got backgrounds etc so why is that for me?

And except of that, is that any more things please?

No that’s not for you, it’s for everyone. The items you saw with background graphics were approved before creation rules update. You can check it here:

And yes, those are all the fixes required for this one

Done :wink:

Can this now get approved please?

Thank you @fabeeobreen :wink:

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Thumbnail it’s ok! @SpiderDesigns
The wearable size is over 2 mb, can you please compress your thumbnail and upload it again?
You can use this for free:

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Ok just modified it @fabeeobreen :wink:

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Collection approved! @SpiderDesigns

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