Collection 'Aybills x Wavy - Volcanic Wear' created by Aybills is ready for review!

Wow love the style! Great job on this!

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These uvs are a mess XD

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Yes Lava can get Very Very messy

Haha friend, I’m not on the committee sorry :pray:
Just your friendly neighborhood wearable creator~

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Just stopping by to bump this post

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this looks great!!!

Hey AyBills. ShakenBake here! Didnt have a twitter so you told me to comment here and I should be good. Love the Runescape lava cape! Let me know if there is anything else I need to do! 0x5f0c7c4d0f9b4dc109f2ce986f9ca81aaad349b5 is my wallet…wasnt sure if you needed that!

@vrglitch hey, is this possible to review?

Just made some changes to the UV , please review !

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it looks better now, without glitches :slight_smile:

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Straight Fire - pun intended

Neeed this. Shit fire

Incredible cape, I love this wearable, finally I’ll be able to make an outfit completely in red, I hope that when it comes out I won’t burn from wearing it so much.

@AyBills I believe we spoke in the forums but for this to not be considered misleading, you’ll need to apply something to the ‘top_head’ area as we don’t have a ‘cape’ or encompassing slot just yet.

Many thanks!

This is dope, would wear this if i has one fs :slight_smile:

I added a crown and some more tweaks to the cape, its done now and ready for your blessing!

Thanks for reaching out

Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 1.05.08 AM

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Bumping this post !!!

This looks wildly good <3