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**Pacman Head **

hi i will review this now

Could you send proof of IP rights for Pacman to


The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi @Sango - my apologies. I seem to have missed that. I would like to submit it with a changed name so that we are clear on the legal aspects. How can I do that?

Dont have any IP rights for the name - I would like to change the name and re submit it

you can reupload the model with a new name, that is fine

okay perfect. let me do that today. thank you

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Hi - just wanted to check if everything else is clear and once i upload, will it be approved? Also, is there no way I can save on the publishing fees again?

You will not be charged again. go into the collection in the builder and click the white pencil button and you can swap the model with no extra cost

Amazing. You are the G.O.A.T. I have made the required changes. Thank you.
You can review it now

This collection has been approved

Thank you so much. Just in time :smiley: