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Attractive Hair

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Multi Sleek Ponytail

Hey, I’ll review this now~

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hey dear @michi , Thank you for spending time on my item :heart:

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hi guys, thanks for looking my collection :metal:t6: :pray:t6: :heart: :heart_eyes:

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This is good to go, just a slight tweak! Can you just move the tips of the hair to be closer to the waist line and slightly closer to the avatar and it’s good to go!
Currently with where it’s sitting there can be environmental clipping~~~

Let me know when you have updated and I’ll re-review, thank you!

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Sure i will fix it and aware you my friend.

dear @michi i have one question, can i add physics to Items or this features not access in dcl? like gravity or textile collision?

dear @michi its done, can you check this?

Hey, sorry I didnt see these message straight away. Sadly we can’t add physics just yet!
I’ll have a look now~

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thank you, just another question, can we add animation to items? like a bird turn around this hair?

You can’t add animation to wearables but with Smart wearables you should be able to add SDK coding to have features that the user can see or engage with! Check this out~

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i mean add animation into wearables, not in scene

wow thanks for your guide

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I guess some clipping is unavoidable with this design, very attractive!

I’m approving this thank you~

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Thank you dear @michi for review my item. this is strange why its happen, i check in world but it was ok.

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