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Atari Hotels

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Aurora Helmet

2600 Jacket

Yaz Tee / Bag

Gravity Shoes

Hi! Checking collection now! Do you have IP rights for Atari logo?

Please, add thickness to polygons with that have only one side, otherwise they will have trasparent holes in game (for both M and F)


There are something wrong with weight painting on neck part with logo elements

Helmet, add this categories to hiding list:

thank you! :+1:

@theankou We are all set and changes are uploaded.

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YES. We are AOR. And are partial ownership.

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thanks i will check in few hours!

please send ip rights here:

We are their agency of record hired to do this.

Issues still here, can you reupload model please?

waiting for the designer to edit and will re-submit. TY

@theankou The collection has been reuploaded and tested, please could you re-review the items when possible? Thank you!

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Hi! Approving collection!

Collection approved! :+1:

Thanks so much @theankou!