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Arboreal Green Apron

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I will check collection now!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

marked area needs to be weight painted to 1 on hip bone (currently it have some influence from other bones)

also, you will need to add separated glb for female representation, because currently tshirt overlaps with female standard legs and lower_body wearables. (you will need to update current wearable to be male

representation first, then you will be able to hit three dots inside builder window and there will be button “add female representation” or you can do exactly the same if you will go to collection, click on wearable, there will be window with additional info of your wearable where you can add / update glb too)

and you will need to remove top_head and skin from hides list, no reason to add this categories to hides

Hello @theankou we have updated the model and wish to make this wearable Unisex and only covering the upper body. Please see if it works, thanks

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hey @Soulmagic you can keep current model Unisex, and still make small difference for M and for F to avoid issues with hip zone, to dothat you can upload separated GLB for M and F for current item, no need to publish additional wearables and pay fees

what about current version, all good but marked area needs to be weight painted to 1 to hip bone, right now skirt moves with legs which cause overlapping with body on some animations

Hello @theankou the glb has been updated. Please review again, thanks

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collection approved!

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