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Apes 3D Decentraland Wearables

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Apes 3D Aviator

Apes 3D Rocket


this is a top head item.
look in market for example:top head category
example in forum:Collection 'Sinful Mew Bubble' created by Mods is ready for review!
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so cool!! i would be all over this for my collection!!!

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Thank you for the information just updated!

i need this set big heat big ape

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Appriciate your love for the collection make sure to follow us at Twitter so you wont miss out on the upcoming release!

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Will take a look at these now!

Could you reduce the triangle count to 500 since this is an accessory? Let me know when youve done so by tagging me here!

Of course! Done Please review Thank you very much! @Yannakis

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Collection approved!

Hello Yannakis I just updated the accessories because a bug appeared on the models itself and you could look through the texture, please re-aprove the edits @Yannakis

Hey I notice some flipped normals now let me know when its fixed!

uploaded the new files on the aviator and on the rocket can you push the changes @Yannakis appriciate you!

Hey, make sure to click “Push changes”

@Yannakis ahh right thank you very much done!

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Hello @Yannakis any update on the push for the changes?


Approved the changes!

Yannakis the rocket has not yet been updated both wearables had the same error on the plane ape the error has been fixed on the rocket unfortunately not yet we need the update urgently because we need these assets for the new shop waiting for feedback. @Yannakis