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AO2023 Collection 2

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AO2023 Cork Hat

AO2023 Ace of Shades

AO2023 Thongs

AO2023 00’s Tennis Shoes

AO2023 70’s Tennis Shorts

AO2023 Single Lens

AO2023 00’s Tennis Shirt

AO2023 Futuristic Tennis Shoes

AO2023 Tennis Dangly Earrings

AO2023 Tennis Ball Shades

hi can you go back into the editor on this colelction to help push it through to the curators tab?

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi the 70’s tennis shorts needs to have lower body hidden

on the 00’s Tennis Shirt the holes around the neck need to be closed up or backfaces added to the shirt

The fixes are in. I also changed the Tennis Shorts name to Tennis Outfit.

thanks, theres still some gaps around the collar

Fixes are in now. Thanks!

This collection has been approved

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