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AnyMagik RP2EG | Fishing Event

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Gotrek Hat [MW]

Gotrek Bone Rod [MW]


Hey, can you push a small change?


I did it @Yannakis :slight_smile:

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

@NairuZa Let me know whenever you’re ready for me to approve!

Hello @Yannakis :slight_smile: You can approve the wearables now please :wink:

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Thumbnails are updated @Yannakis can you please approve it again?

Thank you…

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Hey, can you please remove any frame that displays anything not included in the wearable? Display of wearable and logo is ok but frames cause issues with the backpack design


You abuse here @Yannakis i’ve seen a lot of wearables with only a design like that, don’t tell me it’s too much, i would like to change by another curator please @Shibu this is not acceptable, i removed like 75% of the frame and it is still not okay, people are leaving DCL just for reasons like this, there is too many limitations in this MetaVerse and it doesn’t look decentralized at all…

Then these ones needs to be under review too and disabled right?



I asked @Shibu to replace @Yannakis on this collections and the future ones, i’m in my rights as expressively said in the terms of service, i have a conflict of interest with @Yannakis doing favoritism on himself than community first…

The butterfly one and the Neon Mic has frames btw…

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This is a decision made with the curation team to keep the backpack design clean as instructed by the UI/UX designer. What youre displaying above are still wearables and not frames/irrelevant art except from 2 which like you said have to be revised.

This is not a frame @Yannakis ?

Please don’t be irrelevant yourself here xD


Don’t act like a dumb please

So if i’m right with you i can put a frame with this size then?

  1. Be respectful
  2. Let me know once its ready for approval please. This is not my personal decision but a guideline

You are the one not respectful of our work and cost money sir

@Shibu please can you explain me why our wearables cannot be approved with a frame and other wearables on the marketplace are like the examples i can show you, then if i’m right all wearables with frames needs to be disabled, this is not serious at all we made an effort but i feel like i’m getting sued by Decentraland at the moment as we’ve published 175 Wearables and we always respected limitations, the only goal of @Yannakis here is to impact our sales as he is copying from A to Z our game artistic style and gameplay and it is only personal from him…

Please act on community than favoritism and be impartial like everyone else otherwise we might wanna change our mind and go by another direction @Shibu i hope that you understood me clearly

We’ve pushed the changes @Yannakis
For our community, we don’t have any choice to remove the thumbnail and the artistic direction design + visual identity for our current collection and the coming ones but we will be talking with the curation committee and the Decentraland Foundation.

This time is it good or you will still find an excuse here? @Yannakis

Thank you, collection approved!