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Anymagik Gem Monsters

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Gem Skeleton Minion | Anymagik

The Gem Golem Boss | Anymagik


Hey guys! Here is my next ones :smiley:

@Yannakis if you could check this please that would be great :slight_smile:

Taking a look at these now!

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Could you make the arms smaller to not exceed size limit, reduce emission and maybe weight the arms?

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I made the arms smaller, i reduced the emission and the arms are meant to be not weighted as it needs to look like the stones are levitating @Yannakis

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Wow, these look cool! nice work

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I made the changes and modified the head placement @Yannakis :slight_smile:

What is thisssssssssss??

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Hey weighting looks good now. Just a flipped normal right here and should be good!

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Normals got fixed :slight_smile:

Collection approved!

I just changed the thumbnail, could you please recheck it back for the picture?

Approved it just now!

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