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Anime Clever Girls

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**Anime Raptor Head **

**Clever Girls Kicks **

Clever Girls Minis Anime Jacket

Clever Girls Raptor Tail

Clever Girls Raptor Gang Hoodie

Clever Girls Raptor Hat

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Helo DCL fam,
I worked on these wearables so happy to make any changes required for approval.

Helmet/Head one texture:
Texture #1: Base UV 500x500

Kicks two textures:
#1 : UV
#2: Glow Emission

Jacket two textures:
Texture #1: Jacket UV 500x500
Texture #2: Baby Raptor 500x500

Hoodie two textures:
Texture #1: Hoodie UV 500x500
Texture #2: Katana+Baby Raptor 500x500

Hat two textures:
Texture #1: Hat+Raptor 500x500
Texture #2: Avatar Hair_M

Lower Body two textures:
Texture #1: Base UV 500x500
Texture #2: Glow Emission

Thank you! :cloud:

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Hey @michi :slight_smile: So the recent update to the DCL Wearables doesnt allow for double sided plains. That being said I have attached a photo of what I am seeing in world with the incorrect Normals. If you could just flip these guys and update them I’ll take another look :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello! @michi sent me the corrected wearables and I have updated them. Please let me know if they look ok <3

Thank you!

Hey! Just checked out the models and I found a few things you may want to change! On the shoes there is a strange un even glow one shoe is very bright. This maybe another normal issue but the emission is very bright I cant fully pick it out!

The Second thing is on the Pants there seems to be a loose Vert! Once these are fixed ping me back and I will take a second look! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! @michi is in Australia so I am sure he is sleeping. I will tell him to have a look asap. <3

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Hello fren!

Michi has applied the changes and I has updated the pants and shoes, let me know if they are ok <3

Thank you!

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Thank you @HirotoKai for taking the time, doing such a good job with the recent update! Been a bit of a curve ball for me haha

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Hey @FatBaby and @michi Im still seeing the same un even glow with the shoes I think some of your normals may still be broken. Everything else looks great! :slight_smile: once these are updated ping me back :slight_smile:

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Hello @HirotoKai !

I have added a new file! Let me know if the shoes are ok please <3

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@FatBaby Thank you approved!!

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Omgooooosh! I’m super excited to wear these shoes haha :pray:
Thank you so much Hiroto and Fatbaby~