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Anima Plasma Season 1 (3)

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Space Sparrow


Hey checking this out now!

Great wearables! Just 2 things to fix:

  • Need transparent backgrounds on the thumbnails


  • Add a female model for the shirt with a higher waistline


OK I will action and revert in this thread @grimey

QQ, if I submit a wearable which I want to be free, will it automatically list the item or will I still have the option to list/mint to specific wallets?

Hey @grimey we are ready for this to be reviewed again

Heya! Getting this error now. Looks like you may need to reupload female representation


Your item wont be automatically listed. You’ll have to flick the ‘on sale’ switch on. And you’ll still have the option to mint to specific wallets :slight_smile:

Hey there @grimey , the representation is male only. I have gone back in to make sure that male only was selected.

Hey there @grimey , following up on this :slight_smile:

hey @collections please could we gave the final review approved. We are launching our space and wearables tomorrow :scream:

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

This is now approved! Cheers!

Heya, I made some changes to the name of the wearable, will those be reflected soon?