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Anima Plasma Season 1 (2)

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Space Sparrow

Hello checking this now

Tech is good!
Is the design intended to show the base character face?
If yes, check the eye-line is slightly different from male to female.
Do you want to full cover or leave uncovered the eyes for both version?

Hi there, the design is intended to show the base character face.

We’d like to full cover the eyes for both version. Would you like us to make these changes? and will we be charged (MANA) for the changes?

Hello! @FractaliaMrT
You can update this design within the editor, no mana fee is required for adjustments :slight_smile:
Just let me know here @ when you are ready for the new review!

Hey there @fabeeobreen , we have made the adjustments and ready for your review :slight_smile:

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@FractaliaMrT Collection approved!

Hey there, I made some changes to the name of the wearable, will those be reflected soon?

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen